May 7, 2020

Phnom Penh

TheraBand FlexBar, Tennis Elbow Therapy Bar


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Product Features
● TheraBand FlexBar Red is ideal for those suffering from tennis elbow pain and looking to increase flexibility and range of motion
● Clinically researched and proven to reduce elbow pain by 81% and increase strength in the tendons by 72% in tennis elbow patients, Tyler Twist with FlexBar is simple and works
● Ridged design is easy to grip, twist and oscillate for elbow, wrist, forearm and hand rehabilitation and upper extremity strengthening, lateral epicondylitis therapy
● FlexBar is portable and convenient exercise, rehab, and injury prevention equipment, packaging includes detailed exercise instructions
● 12” long, 1 1/2” diameter, made from dry natural rubber, takes 10 pounds of force to bend to a U-shape.

Tyler Twist Exercise
Tyler Twist Step 1:
Hold the FlexBar vertically in front of you, with your injured hand on the bottom end, and extend your wrist.

Tyler Twist Step 2:
Grasp the upper end of the bar with your other hand, facing your palm away from you.

Tyler Twist Step 3:
Twist the bar with the top hand as you stabilize with the bottom hand.

Tyler Twist Step 4:
Hold both wrists steady as you extend both elbows in front of you, turning the FlexBar horizontally. The wrist on your injured side should be extended and your other wrist flexed.

Tyler Twist Step 5:
Slowly release the bar with your injured side while maintaining tension with the uninjured side.

The light red FlexBar has a 1 ½ inch diameter and takes 10 pounds of force to bend in a U-shape, providing an increased difficulty. Red is the typical starting point for Tennis Elbow exercises among women and is ideal for their strengthening needs.

Included in the Box - Advanced Set:
● 1x TheraBand FlexBar
● 1x detailed exercise instructions
● Warranty and Service: 30-day Limited Warranty included.
● FREE Delivery in Phnom Penh.

Promotion Price: $25, Reg. Price: $29.

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Phnom Penh

TheraBand FlexBar, Tennis Elbow Therapy Bar